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          North Carolina Logo Designers

          LogoMyWay is the #1 choice for logo designers in North Carolina, Charlotte, Raleigh, Greensboro, Durham, and the surrounding area.

          Start a logo contest now and receive entries in just a few hours. We have over 30,000 logo designers from all over the world waiting to deliver a creative, unique logo design for your new or existing business

          We also have logo designers in Charlotte, Raleigh, Greensboro, Durham, Winston-Salem, Fayetteville, Cary, Wilmington, and more.
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          Check out our customer reviews (4.9 / 5 average from 575 ratings)
          North Carolina Logo Designers
          Carolina Heritage Insurance
          Carolina Heritage Insurance
          This is a Home and Auto Insurance Agency that sells home and auto Insurance in and around North Carolina. They wanted a logo that was simple and clean.
          Carolina Outdoor Power Equipment
          Carolina Outdoor Power Equipment
          They sell & service small engines and outdoor power equipment. They needed a logo that represented quality, fun, and professionalism.
          White Electric of Charlotte NC
          White Electric of Charlotte NC
          This electric company does residential electrical wiring service and repair. They wanted a logo that was professional and easy to remember.
          If you own a business in North Carolina, finding a North Carolina logo designer to help you create a professional and effective logo design to represent your brand, is an essential part of creating brand awareness and marketing your company to new prospective customers.

          The logo that you create for your business plays a wide range of essential roles, from serving as a design cornerstone that you can use across your website, product packaging, ad campaigns, and more to act as a simple yet valuable marketing tool that you can use to convey a message about your business and brand.

          Fortunately, we at LogoMyWay make it easier than ever to design the perfect logo for your business. When you create a logo design contest at LogoMyWay, you’ll be able to receive dozens or even hundreds of design entries from talented logo designers across the world, including North Carolina logo designers and beyond.

          By giving North Carolina business owners access to designers all over the globe rather than limiting them to designers that are located in their immediate area, LogoMyWay empowers business owners in North Carolina and across the country with the ability to receive and choose from a broad range of designs, styles, and influences. Best of all, creating a logo design contest on LogoMyWay is much more affordable than hiring a traditional design agency.

          At LogoMyWay, we are proud to partner with business owners throughout North Carolina in order to help them design the professional, high-quality logos that they need to make their business stand out in an increasingly competitive market. To learn more about how LogoMyWay can help you design the perfect logo for your brand, feel free to contact us today.

          Frequently Asked Questions

          Can I design my own logo?
          Yes. We also have a DIY logo maker that allows you to make your own logo within minutes and instantly download the logo files you will need for your website, social media, and marketing material.
          We have thousands of professional logos to select from.
          How do I get started with the logo contest?
          It's easy and only takes minutes to set up. Once you launch your logo contest you will start to see logo ideas for your business in just a few hours. Go here to start your logo contest.
          Can I Ask for Revisions to a Logo Design Contest Entry?
          Yes! After designers have submitted entries to your contest you are able to contact the designer directly and request revisions even before the contest is complete and you have chosen your
          winning design. We will make sure you are 100% satisfied with your new logo design.
          How Many North Carolina Logo Designers does LogoMyWay Have?
          At LogoMyWay, we are proud to say we have logo designers across the globe, including numerous designers who live and work in North Carolina, Charlotte, Raleigh, Greensboro, Durham, and the surrounding area. In total, over 30,000 talented designers from all over the world work on LogoMyWay, and when you create a logo design contest on our website you will be eligible to receive submissions from these designers regardless of their location.
          How Many Logo Designs can I Expect to Receive?
          When you create a logo design contest on LogoMyWay, the number of entries that your contest receives will depend on the amount of prize money that you are offering to the winning designer.
          Contests that offer $200-$400 in prize money will typically receive 40-100 different unique design entries. Contests that offer $400-$1000, meanwhile, typically tend to receive 100-500
          unique design entries.