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          Atlanta Georgia Logo Designers

          1. We have the #1 logo designers in Atlanta, Georgia, and around the world.
          2. Over 30,000 logo designers ready to work on your logo design
          3. You'll receive 24/7 support and a dedicated account manager
          4. Select from 50 to 100 logos from our Georgia logo designers
          5. Fill out the quick logo contest brief and start seeing designs in just a few hours.

          We also have logo designers in Augusta, Columbus, Macon County, Savannah, Athens, Sandy Springs, and more.
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          Check out our customer reviews (4.9 / 5 average from 575 ratings)
          Atlanta Georgia Logo Designers
          Peach Relief Brand Logo Design
          Peach Relief Brand Logo Design
          This client wanted a logo that portrayed a spa or wellness center. Colors could be light peach, green, or some blue. They wanted a logo design that looked soothing and natural. This Atlantic logo designers delivered a great logo.
          Leo Marshall Creative Logo Design
          Leo Marshall Creative Logo Design
          This Atlantic based business wanted a logo that was creative, artistic, and modern. Leo Marshall Creative is a full photography, film, and video production company based in Atlanta, Georgia. This logo designer created a unique, timeless, and professional logo.
          Atlanta Homegrown Band Logo Design
          Atlanta Homegrown Band Logo Design
          Homegrown band is a country music band located in Georgia. This logo designer created a logo that looked worn. This logo is unique and memorable. The logo designer did a great job carefully going over the contest brief to ensure he delivered the perfect logo.
          Riverboat Pizza Logo Design
          Riverboat Pizza Logo Design
          This business is a full-service pizza restaurant located in Savannah Georgia. They wanted a classic look and something that said "Pizza" at a glance. This logo designer did an amazing job incorporating the pizza into the riverboat.
          The Bridge Logo Design
          The Bridge Logo Design
          The Bridge is a Christian Church in Georgia. They wanted the logo to be appealing to the college generation. This Georgia logo designer did a great job creating something that was simple, creative, and memorable.
          Blue Sierra Wines Logo Design
          Blue Sierra Wines Logo Design
          This company sells wine in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Georgia. This was a label design that went on a wine bottle. They were looking for something sophisticated, modern, and timeless. The logo designer did a great job of capturing all of those things.
          Of all the marketing tools at your business's disposal, few are more valuable than a great looking, professional logo. Thankfully, we at LogoMyWay are making it easier than ever before for business owners in Atlanta, Georgia, to design a high-quality logo that will set their brand apart from the competition and serve as a powerful digital marketing tool.

          As a rapidly growing city, Atlanta is a place that is full of opportunity for small business owners. It's also a place that is home to plenty of competition as well. If you want to define your brand and set yourself apart from your competitors, a well-designed logo is an excellent place to start.

          At LogoMyWay, we are proud to work with businesses throughout Atlanta and the surrounding area in order to match them up with talented logo designers from all over the world. When you create a logo design contest on LogoMyWay, you'll be able to receive dozens or even hundreds of designs based on the instructions that you provide. All you have to do is choose the design that you like best and request any changes that you might desire. It's the simple, straightforward way for Atlanta businesses to acquire a high-quality, professional logo at a surprisingly affordable rate. Best of all, LogoMyWay enables you to work with designers from all over the world rather than being limited to only working with designers located in the Atlanta area.

          If you would like to see for yourself all of the many benefits that LogoMyWay offers to business owners in Atlanta, we invite you to create your own logo design contest today!

          Frequently Asked Questions

          What files will I get with my new logo?
          Once you select a logo the designer will prepare the files and send you a high resolution PNG. JPEG, GIF, AI and an .EPS ( The master file ) You will have all the files you need for your website, social media and printing needs.
          How do I start a logo contest?
          We make the process of finding a logo for your business simple and fun.
          1. Fill out the quick contest brief describing your business and what you want to portray through your new logo.
          2. Set your prize amount anywhere from $200 to $1000 and launch your contest.
          3. Sit back and watch the designs come in from our talented logo designers all over the world.
          4. Once you see a logo you like, select that logo as the winner.
          5. The designer will send you all of the proper files you need for your websites, apps, t-shirts, pens, cups etc..
          Can I request changes to a logo design?
          When you create a logo design contest on LogoMyWay, you are able to request alterations to any design that's submitted to your contest. This includes things such as changes to the color scheme, changes to the font, and more. The contest doesna€?t end until you are completely satisfied with the logo that you choose.
          How many logo designs can I expect to receive?
          When you create a logo design contest on LogoMyWay, the number of designs you will receive depends on how much prize money you offer. Contests offering prize amounts that range from $200-$400 tend to receive 40-100 design entries, while contests offering prize amounts that range from $400-$1,000 tend to receive 100-500 design entries. Suffice it to say that you will have plenty of options to choose from when you create a logo design contest on LogoMyWay.
          How many Atlanta logo designers does LogoMyWay have?
          LogoMyWay has talented and creative designers from Atlanta and the surrounding area. Across the globe, there are over 30,000 hand-picked designers who work on LogoMyWay.
          How much does it cost to create a logo design contest on LogoMyWay?
          There is a $39 charge and a 10% fee for creating a logo design contest on LogoMyWay. In addition to this charge, you will also need to set a prize amount for your contest that ranges between $200-$1,000. The more prize money that you offer, the more talented designers that your contest will attract.