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          Prize Amount

          $250 Prize


          39 Entries

          Contest ending time


          Streamertopia Logo Design Contest

          Design Contest Brief

          Company Name: Streamertopia
          Our Slogan
          What We Do
          We are a website that interviews game streamers
          Industry: Technology

          Things to Communicate Through Our Design
          1. Fun
          2. Sleek
          3. technology

          Target Audience
          Audience is mostly male youth around

          We Like These Designs (fonts, colors, style)
          Here is the idea... have a round planet (not earth) with a city (a futuristic city) on the top. We know the city wouldnt be to scale. Then in the middle of the planet we want a microphone and on each side of the microphone, a kind of silhouette of a persons face talking into the microphone. This is going to be used in Twith. Needs to have a gamer logo feel.

          Our Design Will Be Used On

          Average Rating 4.9/5 Stars Out Of 577 Customer Reviews