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          Prize Amount

          $300 Prize


          406 Entries

          Contest ending time


          Gated Six Logo Design Contest

          Design Contest Brief

          Company Name: Gated Six
          Our Slogan
          It’s Time You Changed Gears
          What We Do
          We are a high end automotive shop specializing in doing manual transmission swaps for cars that typically don’t come with a “gated shifter”. We usually deal with vehicles manufactured by Ferrari and Lamborghini. We want to use this logo for advertising and swag.
          Industry: Automotive

          Things to Communicate Through Our Design
          1. Modern
          2. Fast
          3. YOLO

          Target Audience
          Anyone that has a Ferrari or Lamborghini, usually business oriented people, athletes, celebrities, influencers. Typically people in higher income brackets.

          We Like These Designs (fonts, colors, style)
          The image I am attaching is our current logo and needs a major rework. Here is a link to our website https://www.gatedsix.com/
          Please include a logo with and without the slogan.


          Our Design Will Be Used On
          Web,  Print Media,  Television,  Mugs & Tshirts 

          Average Rating 4.9/5 Stars Out Of 575 Customer Reviews