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          Help and Frequently Asked Questions 

          Client Code of Conduct

          Only one contest per design task.
          Please start one contest for each design task. You cannot ask for t-shirt designs, stationery, business cards ect.. while running one contest. We do not allow contests that are sexual or controversial.?
          A winner must be selected from our design community. You can not invite friends, family or your personal designer to enter your contest.

          Design feedback and discussion.
          Make sure you rank the designs and leave feedback on a daily basis. By ranking your designs and leaving feedback it only helps the end result because designers will improve the designs based on your comments and rankings.

          Please be polite.
          Designers work very hard and take their work very seriously, please do not leave nasty comments. If you have issues please contact us and we will help you get them resolved.

          What is required of Logomyway contest holders?
          We require you to select a winner within 14 days of the contest ending.? We do allow a 7 day extension of the contest if you need more time or additional entries from the design community. If a winner has not been selected within 14 days of the contest ending a Logomyway administrator will select?a winner based ranking and community feedback.
          Since Logomyway guarantees a winner with every contest we can not offer your money back.