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          LogoMyWay Reviews and Testimonials

          Name: OnPoint Archery
          I was very impressed by Logomyway. There were so many great designs to choose form that we had a hard time deciding. We thought we could come up with our own logo design, but compared to the design work provided by the logomyway artists, ours was lame. Very happy!
          Website: onpointarchery.com

          Name: Laura Schembri
          I decided to try something new and felt I was taking a risk. However I had a lot of good logo choices and am very happy with my new logo.
          Website: None

          Name: WA State Center for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Youth
          Those of us at the agency involved in this logo process could not be happier. The designers gave us over 450 options to choose from. Many were very good. Our winning designer was an absolute pleasure to work with, produced a beautiful design, and gave me all the necessary files super quickly once he was selected. In addition, the support from LMW was responsive, kind, and helped me through the process the entire way. I've already had a couple co-workers ask about the website and have recommended it without hesitation. Awesome company to work with. Highly suggest you give it a try if you need a great looking logo.
          Website: None

          Name: Anthony
          Great experience! All of my designers, that I reached out to were incredibly responsive, so was Joe, the customer service guy. Highly recommend this service!
          Website: None

          Name: Twenty Fou Karats
          It was a rush decision to use logomywasy service, and we were so glad that we made the decision. It's a short contest and we got about 150 files submitted. We also really appreciated the designers' creativity and their patience.
          Website: None

          Name: Laurent J.
          Excellent site to realize your logos. Desingers are responsive and motivated with a lot of creativity. I recommend this site.
          Website: None

          Name: Heather Vrugteveen
          This website is amazing! The customer service is prime. We were given about 180 logo options within ten days. All of the options were fantastic, modern, different from each other, relevant, and professional. We were able to ask the winning designer to edit our logo. The winning designer was efficient, professional, and extremely helpful!
          Website: oxfordpallet.com

          Name: Love to Travel
          This is our 2nd time using Logo my Way and our experience is always positive. We have been so happy with the logos we received and they have worked for our marketing purposes.

          Highly recommend this process for getting creative logos!!
          Website: lovetotravel.com

          Name: SocratesPost
          Wonderful experience working with designers from all over the world, seeing everyone's ideas and creativity. The designers are extremely responsive to all feedback and take feedback very well. The designers are quick and the contest can be customized to your liking. All of the logo submissions were high quality and much better than anything our team could have designed ourselves, or just by hiring one graphic designer.

          Joe was a pleasure to work with as well -- very friendly, quick to respond to questions, and supportive.

          This was a 5 star experience that I have already recommended to my circle, and I'll certainly be coming back for future logo needs.
          Website: None

          Name: dfree83
          I loved my experience with logomyway! I had hundreds of amazing designs to choose from to brand my company. I highly recommend LMW!
          Website: None

          Name: Christie Massie
          I was referred to by a friend and also a user of LogoMyWay as a great option for having a logo created for my company. The process to set up my contest was super easy and interacting with the designers was a breeze. I love the real time interactions and quick turnaround for iterations that the designer provided me, not to mention ALL the designs that were submitted!! (over 200). I would highly recommend LogoMyWay as a viable option for your logo design needs. I am highly pleased with my logo and a very satisfied client!
          Website: None

          Name: Milo18
          Easy to just leave a brief and images and wait for designers to get started.
          Great choice of designs and ability to message the designers to tweak things too.
          Good value for money
          Website: Blisscavalierrescue.org

          Name: Dave
          Maybe the most fun and best thing I have done for my small business in a while. Thank you for a great experience.
          Website: None

          Name: Farm Boy
          This was a great experience!!! 2nd time I have used and will do again.
          Website: farmboyjerky.com

          Name: Dr. Rob
          This was my 4th time using logomyway and each time has been great! We had great artists making adjustments and changes as I requested. The most difficult part was choosing only one winner! Will definitely use logomyway again in the future and would recommend it 100%.
          Website: None

          Name: Dani George
          Amazing experience. The contest was very easy to set up. Communicating with the contestants and reviewing the submissions was very user friendly. Definitely recommend taking as much time as possible to give time for as many people to submit. It's amazing how creative everyone was!
          Website: None

          Name: Peter
          What a great idea! To get the best results really think about your brief and interact with the designers throughout the competition.

          The whole process was hassle free, professional and gave us a logo that we can be very proud of.
          Website: alexander-assoc.co.uk

          Name: Kemper
          LogoMyWay was extremely fast with every question I had, was very accommodating to our busy schedules and really showed the priority is making sure we find a logo we loved. Which we did.

          This is a very rewarding and fun process, for both client and artist. I highly recommend this process. Our non-profit will benefit greatly from this logo. And thusly, so will the children in Bodh Gaya, India!

          Many thanks!
          Bihari Education Change Foundation
          Website: None

          Name: TY
          Great website and great logo designers
          Website: None

          Name: Carene
          My winner was a very good fast communicator, made changes I requested within hours and I really like my finished LOGO
          Website: fishermanswharfbedandbreakfast.com

          Average Rating 4.9/5 Stars Out Of 577 Customer Reviews

          How It Works

          Set contest prize amount
          1. Fill out your contest brief and set your prize amount.
          Designer submit logos
          2. Designers submit logos you can rank and give feedback on.
          Select best logo design
          3. Select your favorite logo design and download your new logo files.
          Start on your logo now