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          LogoMyWay Reviews and Testimonials

          Name: High Plains
          The designers were very creative and easy to work with. They provided revisions based on my recommendations so I ended up with a very customized logo that provided exactly what I wanted. I'm very happy with the process and the end product!
          Website: None

          Name: Just Perfect Lawn Care
          We had a great experience with LogoMyWay. We were able to take our time while searching for the perfect logo that represented our company. Joe the Account Manager was very helpful also during the whole process.
          Website: justperfectlawncare.com

          Name: TammySue
          What a wonderful experience if you're unsure of what you want in a Logo! The creativity from all the designers was amazing. Response times are almost immediate from the designers and they go way above your expectations! You just have to keep communicating with feedback to let them know what you like and don't like. That helps them immensely to bring out the most perfect design. I will do this again when I'm ready for a new one.
          Website: None

          Name: Keps75
          Great experience! Helpful professional and quick! I will definitely, use this service again and recommend to anyone looking for a logo.
          Website: None

          Name: TX Trailer Sales
          Logomyway made it so easy to get a great quality logo in less than a week and at a reasonable price!
          Website: None

          Name: Leslie
          I was totally blown away with the amount and quality of logo submissions I received so fast! My experience with logomyway was above and beyond my expectations. I am extremely satisfied and will definitely use again if I need a new logo! Highly recommend!!
          Website: lesliejackson.org

          Name: Linda
          This experience was amazing. Not being tech savvy I found this to be the best choice for me. I found the process easy and the Administrators friendly, professional and responsive. I was in awe with the many unique logo choices and revision options I had with so many excellent designers. It was cost effective and fast. I am now set up and feel absolutely overjoyed with my new logo. I highly recommend this organization for your logo design.
          Website: None

          Name: Safety and Well-Being
          We were very pleased with this process. We received such a variety of professional logo designs and the rating system worked perfectly. The only difficult part was choosing only one with so many options!
          Website: None

          Name: David R
          I've used LogoMyWay for four different logos for three different companies. There's a reason why I keep coming back. The logos are great and they make sure you're 100% satisfied.
          Website: None

          Name: veroA
          Easy to use. Got amazing options to choose from. Thrilled with the final result.
          Website: None

          Name: Reace Consulting
          Get the logo we wanted for our business was easy with Logo My Way. I was able to let designers know what I was looking for and the designs came pouring in. I had over 150 designs in which to choose. The choice was difficult but once I made my choice, I was able to talk with the designer and have her make some additional changes until I received my perfect logo. Thank you Logo My Way.
          Website: reaceconsulting.com

          Name: City Bloom
          Great customer experience. Had many unique logos to choose from, would recommend this to service to anyone wanting a new logo or a rebrand.
          Website: citybloom.com

          Name: Kam
          Awesome experience! I appreciated seeing great work from a diverse community of graphic designers. Choosing the final design was hard - - there were many I wanted. This means the freelancers listen, understand how to convey your vision and offer a way to "tone down" your creative mind! Highly recommend Logomyway.
          Website: None

          Name: Derek O
          From start to finish it was an enjoyable process. The designers are responsive and thoughtful.. always open to your comments and thoughts. I very much enjoyed the ability to decide when you are 100% satisfied and committed to your new logo. I'd highly recommend .
          Website: ironandwoodsimulators.com

          Name: Tony
          Logomyway is the way to go! I had over 200 Logos to chose from by many different designers. Once I decided on a design my designer made some adjustments for me with no hesitation. My designer was easy to work with. I don't make any recommendations, but I recommend logomyway!
          Website: None

          Name: D. J.
          I loved the process. I got over 150 submissions for my logo and liked so many that it took a while to narrow down the winner. Once chosen, the designer was very responsive to making small tweaks to the design until we got it just right. I would definitely recommend logomyway for your next logo.
          Website: djstavropoulos.kw.com

          Name: Jade
          Logomyway is in my opinion the best, most fun and most affordable way to get a logo. The artists are very talented and the customer service is excellent. I am in love with my new logo. I intend to keep it the same for the rest of my life.
          Website: warriorsofthesea.org

          Name: Chris
          I loved my experience at Logomyway! We received so many wonderful logo options it was hard to decide. It was amazing to have so many different submissions for us to consider. The designers were prompt and responsive to our feedback, questions, and requests for changes. Joe D, our project manager was just AMAZING. After starting our first logo contest when ran into a problem our organization name. I explained this information to Joe and within mins he reset my contest and designers started submitting new ideas for our new name within the hour. If you are looking for a logo, need it fast, and want a lot of options... STOP. You've found the right place at Logomyway! FYI I have tried a few of the others on the market that "have the same services", don't waste your time. Again, STOP, you've come to the right place.
          Website: flclife.com

          Name: Laplusone
          If i could give MORE than 5 stars I would! LogoMyWay made the process of finding the best logo for my business a breeze. I was amazed to see how many entries were submitted. There were so many nice ones that it made it hard for me to select just one. When there was a design that I liked but wanted something changed, it was extremely easy to reach out to the designer who was able to make the change quickly. I would recommend this service to anyone who likes to be involved but doesnt know where to start. This is the website for you! Thank you again to my designer as well the logomyway representative that was in constant contact with me the entire time.
          Website: None

          Name: 2 Real Girls
          We were very impressed with how easy the process was in getting our logo designed. Even though conceptually we knew what we wanted, after answering a few basic questions the multitude of designers were able to create many options for us to chose from. We probably should have sent it out to family and friends for their input, but even without doing that we loved our end result!
          Website: None

          Average Rating 4.9/5 Stars Out Of 577 Customer Reviews

          How It Works

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          1. Fill out your contest brief and set your prize amount.
          Designer submit logos
          2. Designers submit logos you can rank and give feedback on.
          Select best logo design
          3. Select your favorite logo design and download your new logo files.
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