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          Entrepreneur Magazine
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          LogoMyWay Reviews and Testimonials

          Name: Julie
          I highly recommend logomyway. The process is easy, the results are great. I received over 220 high quality logo designs. I wanted to be sure of the quality so I had a few friends in the creative field look at the logos and all agreed the designs were very good could not be bested elsewhere. The staff at logomyway was very responsive and helpful when I did have questions and the designer I chose was very patient and flexible to make minor changes after the contest closed to make sure I was 100% happy with my logo. Overall, an excellent experience and result using logomyway!
          Website: None
          Jacksonville, FL
          Website will be added soon

          Logo Designed By: Zonpipo
          Country: Indonesia

          Name: Pamela
          Logomyway was a great experience. Setting up the contest was easy to do, affordable and reviewing all the creative submission from designers all over the globe was very enjoyable. The designers were responsive to my requests for modifications and I am very satisfied with the product I ended up with at the end of the contest. I also appreciated being able to send the link to my contest to have others review the logos and assist me with making a choice.
          Website: None
          Austin, TX
          Website will be added soon

          Logo Designed By: Roseetha
          Country: Indonesia

          Name: Brenda
          I had an extremely positive experience, excellent design work and outstanding communication both with LogoMyWay and its vast array of very talented designers. Everything was done to my exact specifications. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to create a new logo design!
          Website: Brendakayimagery.com
          Camas, WA

          Logo Designed By: y3k_designs
          Country: USA

          Name: Jerri Birsinger, O.D.
          I had read about logomyway.com in one of our professional journals. And, upon needing to update our business' look, I decided to check out their website. The site was extremely easy to navigate and informative. So, we decided to participate with our own logo contest. The response and quality of entries was phenomenal! We ended up with 3 top contenders and finally chose one that we are thrilled with! So, thank you, logomyway.com for providing a cost-effective way for small business' to improve their image! We highly recommend logomyway.com to everyone!!!
          Website: Arnoldeyecarecenter.com
          Jerri Birsinger, O.D.
          Arnold, MO

          Logo Designed By: Ronny
          Country: Indonesia

          Name: Larry Hancock
          Our experience with your firm was excellent. Everything worked exactly as your website said it would. The difficult part was choosing between several logos we liked. In my opinion, this is the best way to go for anyone looking for just the right look for their logo.
          Thanks Again.
          Website: HFRetirement.com
          Larry Hancock
          Federal Way, WA

          Logo Designed By: Roseetha
          Country: Indonesia

          Name: Chris K
          LogoMyWay has now helped us prepare to launch two new product lines. The talent developing the ideas has helped us create our unique brand identity beyond anything we imagined! There's nothing more important than your identity when creating a brand and your designers nail it.... We are already researching our next idea! Thanks LogoMyWay!!!
          Thanks Again.
          Website: None
          Chris K
          New York, NY
          Website coming soon

          Logo Designed By: jacdabm3
          Country: Poland

          Name: Cindy H
          I was very happy with the professional and courteous responses I had to my logo contest, and the result was an effective and attractive logo that works perfectly for my business. All at a fraction of the cost of hiring a private designer.
          Website: None
          Cindy H
          Cape May NJ
          Website coming soon

          Logo Designed By: Salcuni
          Country: USA

          Name: Josh, San
          Our experience with LogomyWay has been faboulous, my partners and I who are in three different continents (China, Europe and USA) were able to communicate and see the actual designs that were submitted on your website. We are very pleased with the results and highly recommend your services to anyone that may be interested in logo designs. You have wonderful designers, the pricing was very reasonable and the submisions from them were on target.
          Website: None
          Josh, San
          San Francisco, CA

          Logo Designed By: Sajid
          Country: Indonesia

          Name: Lorenzo
          Unexpected great quality! I have been using 99designs for a few years and I was never happy with the results. The high quality of entries on logomyway certainly made hard from me to pick an out right winner! I would of easily taken four different entries if it were possible
          Website: mrgreen.am
          Lorenzo, San
          Wellington, NZ

          Logo Designed By: Jojodesign
          Country: Indonesia

          Name: Fiona Craig
          I have had an extremely positive experience at logomyway. The process is straightforward and fast, and the results even better than I hoped for. I was very happy with the quality of the logo designs that were submitted, and the designers were very receptive in taking on board my suggested changes and comments. In the end it took me a week to choose a winner because there were so many great designs! The support I received from my account manager was also superb. My queries were answered quickly and succinctly. I would recommend logomyway to anyone starting a business or seeking to rebrand an existing business.
          Website: None
          Fiona Craig, owner, The Careers Coach
          Melbourne, Australia
          Website Coming Soon

          Logo Designed By: Roseetha
          Country: Indonesia

          Name: Hector J. Bones
          I have used other sites for logos before, but I only got four logos to choose from and only could do one minor alteration. My experience with logomyway.com was totally different and fun. The great designers got busy right away and they grab the concept I was looking for and mold it until I got what I really wanted. All my friends are very impressed with the quality and detail of my logo. I have to say that the administrator is awesome too. He really wants you to get what you want and work with you until you are really satisfied with your logo. I must say that not only I am extremely happy and proud of my logo but it was worth every penny and more. Thank you logomyway and thanks to all the designers that participated on my contest. I am already recommending logomyway to all my friends. From 1 to 10, definitely a 20!!!!
          Website: Profitandgrowthpr.com
          Hector J. Bones
          Profit & Growth Advisors Santa Isabel, Puerto Rico

          Logo Designed By: Snooksdesign
          Country: Canada

          Name: Ian Leaver
          IdeaSown has recently set up to help facilitate creative thinking in organisations that have become stuck. We built an initial website so that we have something to show people that we are in conversation with and wanted to get it looking brighter and more professional. In reading through our usual collection of material from some great minds on design creativity we came across the options available for logo design services, something we knew we needed to do but hadn't got around to. We reviewed several sites and decided upon logomyway as the best to run with to fix one of our issues.

          The setup was extremely easy, the helpful prompts meant that we finialised our brief quickly and we were up and running with a contest in under an hour. Less than one hour later we had designers putting things forward for us to look at. We were very pleasantly surprised by both the speed of production and the quality of the work. We communicated with several of the designers to see how they could improve on their designs and every contact was friendly and helpful. We received several new versions of designs and some completely new ideas. We found the site easy to work with and the support was exactly what we needed.

          The ranking process was very helpful in clarifying to the design community what we liked and throughout the 10 day period the work got better and better. Selecting a winner was fun and we got a great result from Roseetha. The process that followed was clear and we have downloaded all our material without any problems. We have the new logo on our site and have already written about the process in our blog - Our IdeaS - we will be adding to that and offering an unhesitating recommendation for logomyway and its design community. Thanks for such a great experience.
          Website: Ideasown.co.uk
          Ian Leaver
          London, UK

          Logo Designed By: Indonesia
          Country: Indonesia

          Name: Tim Dawson
          Joe, I wanted to drop you a quick note of thanks for a great job by all of the designers and artists. The winner, "Ricky_eve" has been great to work with. When I saw his design it was far and away the one for us. I was looking for something retro and he nailed it. Also, great site you have built. Easy to use and you backed up what you said you would do. I will be a good ambassador for you guys.
          Website: DriveTM.com
          Tim Dawson
          Profit & Growth Advisors Charlotte, NC

          Logo Designed By: Ricky_ever
          Country: India

          Name: Stephen Brooks
          My experience was exactly what I was looking for: easy. I am a CPA and just starting my own practice so first I didn't have any creativity to design a logo (because I'm a CPA) and second I didn't have a lot of time to invest in the process. It took about 15 minutes for me to read the rules, fill out all of my information, and begin the contest. At the end of the contest, I had 155 entries to choose from. During the contest, I reviewed the logos once or twice a day, never spending any more than 10 minutes on the site each time. While on the website, I ranked the entries and /or provided additional information or reviews on the logos. All of the designers used my ranking and the additional information/reviews to refine their designs or create a new design. At the end of the contest, I had exactly the logo that I was looking for and I couldn't be any happier with the entire process.
          Website: SRBandAssociates.com
          Stephen Brooks
          St. Louis, MO

          Logo Designed By: star96lite
          Country: USA

          Name: Amanda Jones, Principal, Australia
          Logomyway is a unique model in the market for logo designs. Where else might you get 60 or more short-listed designs to choose from for a standard fixed fee and still retain the scope to revise and reiterate. You can't just sit back and watch the ideas flow in, you have to think collaboratively to achieve an optimal result but we believe the result justifies the approach. Sideeffects is an Australian based clearing-house for household scale environmental initiatives and we have and do recommend Logomyway to both organizations and young designers alike.
          Website: Sideeffect.com.au
          Amanda Jones, Principal,

          Logo Designed By: Bondoc
          Country: Romania

          Name: Sandor Toth, PhD and Gregory Ettl, PhD
          We had a very positive experience using LogoMyWay to get a logo designed for use in a project we developed. The committee was impressed by many of the designers and it took some time to evaluate and choose the best one. The designer was very helpful and even agreed to make some final changes before we had our final logo.
          Website: Ecosel.cfr.washington.edu
          Sandor Toth, PhD and Gregory Ettl, PhD
          Seattle, WA and University of Washington

          Logo Designed By: Tavo
          Country: USA

          Name: Alex Kanakaris
          Daily Deal TV had a GREAT experiecne in dealing with logomyway. They were there for us every step of the way to make sure we got a world class logo.
          Website: DailyDealTV.com and GlobalBarterBanc.com
          Alex Kanakaris (Chairman) and David Valenti (President) of Daily Deal TV.
          Newport Beach, California
          DailyDealTV.com and GlobalBarterBanc.com

          Logo Designed By: Vasvari
          Country: Hungary

          Name: Herb
          This service was simple to use. We set up the contest in under 10 minutes and there was 5 logo submissions within a half hour. The designers ran with the information entered and adjusted very quickly to any feedback. I would recommend this to any business that is getting off the ground. Just define your business, explain the image you want portrayed through your logo, and Let the Contest begin.
          Website: knbconsults.com
          Crofton, MD

          Logo Designed By: Dee.Java
          Country: Indonesia

          Name: David
          My experience at Logomyway was Great, a wonderful concept and smooth process.
          Website: None
          Ontario, California
          Website coming soon

          Logo Designed By: y3k_designs
          Country: USA

          Name: Steve Koehn
          Logo My Way surpassed our expectations - not by a little, but blew us away. It was amazing seeing the talent of the designers from all over the world, and the exciting, creative designs that we had to choose from. The biggest problem that we experienced was choosing just one of the many great designs submitted. I can't imagine an easier, or more effective means, of getting a great logo for our business. Thank you LogoMyWay.com!
          Website: AirPhoto1.com
          Steve Koehn, President, AirPhoto1.com - a business providing affordable aerial photography to clients looking to enhance their business through exciting aerial video and still photos used on websites, print media, and in other marketing materials.
          Phoenix, Arizona, USA.

          Logo Designed By: Dclose
          Country: USA

          Average Rating 4.9/5 Stars Out Of 577 Customer Reviews

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