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          LogoMyWay Reviews and Testimonials

          Name: TeriR
          Logo My Way was so much fun. I was so impressed by all of the logo designs I received over my 7-day period. A couple days in I even added information of what I wanted in the design, It was easy.

          I feel like I paid very little money to get a choice the most beautiful designs. I've tried to get a logo locally and just wasn't satisfied. I can't wait until I need a logo again, or one of my friends needs a logo. I know exactly where to tell them to go! LogoMyWay.com
          Website: None

          Name: Chrisna
          We are very happy with the logo design. It was a challenge for us to choose #1 because there were other awesome design to pick from. In the end, our #1 Logo Designer delivered promptly, including the versions we requested. Highly recommended!
          Website: Taxcaatpros.com

          Name: Olga
          Professional team of designers, that will understand your needs and realize the project in a few days!
          Website: None

          Name: CBLS
          Using LogoMyWay was a fantastic experience! The sight is VERY user friendly and intuitive. Our contest generated a large variety of creative designs to choose from and the designers were friendly and responsive to requests. It was fun to see the creativity come from all over the world.

          I would definitely use LogoMWay again and would highly recommend it to anyone!
          Website: None

          Name: Ande
          I cannot rave enough about LogoMyWay. Years ago, a client of mine recommended them for my personal training business. Since then, I have recommended this site to several of my clients as well as my family for their own businesses. Everyone agrees that this is THE place to go for professional services, quick responses from artists and staff, as well as the wonderful customer service for when any of us had questions. We were provided SO many designs to choose from, each better than the next! The only problem we have ever had....was trying to choose which design we wanted. ALL of them have been so great!

          I have used LogoMyWay for years, not once have I been disappointed of had any issue. We are LOVING our new logo and cannot wait to use it!
          Website: Vikehnfoods.com

          Name: Jay
          A simple, streamlined service featuring far more creative logos and options than I could have ever had hoped for working with a single designer. I will spread the word on Logomyway
          Website: None

          Name: Mon Amour
          Th entire process was very efficient and easy.
          Website: None

          Name: Frank P.
          I really couldn't be happier with the entire process and final result. We received well over 100 proposed logos, settled on the one that we liked the best then the creator of the logo worked closely with us to tweak it into the final version.
          Website: facebook.xom/stlracegear

          Name: Mike McConnell
          I had a great experience with LogoMyWay. My thought was to update our program's logo and submitted some important information to the site and got an outstanding new logo. Actually I had 230 submissions and the hardest challenge was to pick from so many excellent ideas!
          I couldn't be more pleased.
          Website: None

          Name: Any Krage
          This was such a great experience from beginning to end. The company was very clear in their directions and communications. Everyone I dealt with was professional, kind and helpful. The artist were extremely qualified and responsive. When the contest ended I hadna€?t found the exact look and feel I wanted so they extended the contest - no questions asked. Then I got the logo I was looking for. After I chose the winner, the artist still provided several tweaks until I was happy. I highly recommend the site and this process.
          Website: None

          Name: Positive
          This was an amazing experience. There were so many beautiful designs to pick from. I highly recommend logmyway. Very professional.....
          Website: TeresaBarboza.com

          Name: Kristen
          A number of professionals in my industry had recommended LogoMyWay. I really appreciated the patience from Joe and my winning designer as I needed contest extensions and numerous revisions in order to get my winning logo just right. So much talent among these designers. My winning designer, Reis, executed everything I wanted my design to communicate, attending to every detail that was important to me. I highly recommend LogoMyWay!
          Website: None

          Name: Matt
          I have used Logomyway twice and have had great success both times! I strongly recommend Logomyway to everyone that needs a logo
          Website: None

          Name: Todd
          I was uncertain of this process, but decided to give it a try for help coming up with a logo for a new non profit organization. The process was amazing! What a joy seeing all the different ideas the designers came up with. These are some very creative people working behind the scenes. We found a logo that represents exactly what our mission is, to help rebuild and start over after a fire loss. Such a great experience.
          Website: bouncebackmaine.org

          Name: Liz
          I was referred to LogoMyWay by a satisfied customer. I quickly signed up, and submitted criteria for the logo. Easy to do. I received many ideas. Most were far off the target. This is a good thing, because there are so many from which to choose. I narrowed the few down, communicated with designers and was very pleased with the process. In little time, I had exactly what I was seeking. I highly recommend LogoMyWay and would use them again.
          Website: 4seasonstravelgroup.com

          Name: Rosie
          Great experience! Loved the logo designs and there were plenty to choose from. We had a committee to vote on the logo, so we had to extend our contest a couple of times. Our account manager, Joe, was awesome!
          Website: None

          Name: The Cadre- Owner
          LogoMyWay made the logo process smooth and easy. I had something very specific in mind and Joe happily extended my contest to ensure that I could talk to the designers and get exactly what I wanted. I love that I have a logo that is as unique as my business.
          Website: None

          Name: Shelley
          I have used LogoMyWay twice now and was thrilled with both experiences. The process is fun, efficient and practical. I got just the logo I wanted. So excited! I highly recommend them!
          Website: None

          Name: Shannon
          Excellent experience! Wonderful prompt feedback and quality designers. The only downfall was that I received so many incredible designs it was next to impossible to choose just one!
          Website: Endure Esthetics

          Name: christine
          Wonderful experience from start to finish. The steps to starting a contest were very easy and customer service was fast and reliable when I needed them. I loved that I received designs from talented people from all over the world. I feel like I have a team of people cheering me on as I start my new business venture.
          Website: joy-accounting.com

          Average Rating 4.9/5 Stars Out Of 577 Customer Reviews

          How It Works

          Set contest prize amount
          1. Fill out your contest brief and set your prize amount.
          Designer submit logos
          2. Designers submit logos you can rank and give feedback on.
          Select best logo design
          3. Select your favorite logo design and download your new logo files.
          Start on your logo now