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          LogoMyWay Reviews and Testimonials

          Name: CamD
          I was put on to Logomyway by a friend who had used the service for his boat name logo. They came highly recommended and I was not disappointed.
          From the outset the response by the designers was more than I could have asked for. They were very responsive to feedback and the creativity was awesome. The assistance from the Logomyway manager was greatly appreciated.
          I would highly recommend this service and will be using them again.
          Website: None

          Name: Eric Stimson
          Our new logo from LogoMyWay is fantastic. We needed a professional new logo for our company Acumen Real Estate. We did a 5 day contest for $300 and were able to choose from over 200 submissions. The LogoMyWay staff and designers were very easy work with and responded quickly to any questions we had. Acumen Real Estate highly recommends LogoMyWay for you logo design needs.
          Website: acumenrealestate.com

          Name: Chris BogeyMade
          I can't say enough great things about my experience with this process. Everything from initial set up to the finished product was seamless thanks to the account manager and every designer that took their time. Beyond professional and I will definitely be back and sending a lot of friends to the site.
          Website: None

          Name: demal121
          I have used this website service on 4 separate occasions. In each case, I received a great logo, very quickly and at a great price. I continue to tell other business owners about this site and will continue to use this service for any future ventures.
          Website: None

          Name: Carina Ashley Real Estate
          What a fun way to get everyone involved in the creation of your brand! I would highly recommend Logomyway.com for anyone who needs help with a custom logo. It's amazing to see people all over the world come up with so many different designs. I think my favorite part is the fact that what I ended up going with was nothing like what I imagined or started with. Thank you guys! A++
          Website: None

          Name: ICCN
          The process was simple and effective. This is the second time I'm using this system and I'm still very happy with it. I'll be back
          Website: None

          Name: Sabina Straley-Klempa
          The designer Criss Cristiana from Romania designed the logo along with many other artists. I picked her as it was the most appropriate, smart, slick looking logo for my business.

          I described what was important to me and she put the last detailed finishes on it very quickly and efficiently. This is a great way to get your personality expressed in a logo. with logomyway.com. All involved very very prompt and efficient.....great Job!
          Website: None

          Name: M Fuller
          I have nothing but praise! My administrator was very quick to respond with solutions or answers. The designers were punctual with responding and were professional. I will definitely use LogoMyWay again and recommend it highly.
          Website: Liv 2 Tell

          Name: Greg / Somerville Media video production
          Very happy with how it all went - smooth process, responsive designers, quality logo.
          Absolutely recommend this service
          Website: somervillemedia.com

          Name: Eric P
          Love this website. I have used it numerous times and they also give our company great logo choices.
          Website: None

          Name: Ronnie
          Highly recommend! This experience was so smooth and fun at the same time! I was assigned a great manager that was my main point of contact, extremely knowledgeable and very friendly.

          I was asked a few questions, and just like that .... logos started to appear. I was amazed at all the talent!! I enjoyed how you could communicate with the designers and tweak things if necessary.

          I enjoyed the process ... quick and so much talent .. so hard to choose! Thank you for helping me get to the next step!
          Website: None

          Name: Rubens Romano
          It is our 5th time using the services of logomyway and every time is surprising. Thanks again!
          Website: pwr-capital.com

          Name: January
          This is the third time I’ve used your Web business. I have been nothing but 100% satisfied every time. Great Business, great service, great concept!
          Website: Drjanuary.com

          Name: Gina Stuelke
          Easy to use and the finished outcome was just what we were looking for....thank you to all at LogoMyWay!
          Website: None

          Name: CKN
          Can't say enough good things about LogoMyWay. They are so creative and it is so much fun to see all of the different designs. They have done all of my logos for many years! My husband is quite the entrepreneur, so we are always needing a logo for something and I wouldn't go anywhere else!!!

          Thank you LogoMyWay for creating so may awesome logo designs for our businesses!
          Website: None

          Name: TeriR
          Logo My Way was so much fun. I was so impressed by all of the logo designs I received over my 7-day period. A couple days in I even added information of what I wanted in the design, It was easy.

          I feel like I paid very little money to get a choice the most beautiful designs. I've tried to get a logo locally and just wasn't satisfied. I can't wait until I need a logo again, or one of my friends needs a logo. I know exactly where to tell them to go! LogoMyWay.com
          Website: None

          Name: Chrisna
          We are very happy with the logo design. It was a challenge for us to choose #1 because there were other awesome design to pick from. In the end, our #1 Logo Designer delivered promptly, including the versions we requested. Highly recommended!
          Website: Taxcaatpros.com

          Name: Olga
          Professional team of designers, that will understand your needs and realize the project in a few days!
          Website: None

          Name: CBLS
          Using LogoMyWay was a fantastic experience! The sight is VERY user friendly and intuitive. Our contest generated a large variety of creative designs to choose from and the designers were friendly and responsive to requests. It was fun to see the creativity come from all over the world.

          I would definitely use LogoMWay again and would highly recommend it to anyone!
          Website: None

          Name: Ande
          I cannot rave enough about LogoMyWay. Years ago, a client of mine recommended them for my personal training business. Since then, I have recommended this site to several of my clients as well as my family for their own businesses. Everyone agrees that this is THE place to go for professional services, quick responses from artists and staff, as well as the wonderful customer service for when any of us had questions. We were provided SO many designs to choose from, each better than the next! The only problem we have ever had....was trying to choose which design we wanted. ALL of them have been so great!

          I have used LogoMyWay for years, not once have I been disappointed of had any issue. We are LOVING our new logo and cannot wait to use it!
          Website: Vikehnfoods.com

          Average Rating 4.8/5 Stars Out Of 572 Customer Reviews

          How It Works

          Set contest prize amount
          1. Fill out your contest brief and set your prize amount.
          Designer submit logos
          2. Designers submit logos you can rank and give feedback on.
          Select best logo design
          3. Select your favorite logo design and download your new logo files.
          Start on your logo now